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  • October 17th: Special Simchat Torah Day
  • October 22nd: Picture Day
  • October 31st: Fall Festival 10:00am



Thursday, October 16th: No School

 Simchat Torah but in the evening come celebrate the holiday with your children at our Simchat Torah processional  at 6:15pm.


10/22 Guest speaker Rabbi dan at 7pm


From the Director

Heidi Friday, October 3,2014

      Dear Parents,



Another short but full week at Beth El preschool.  This week our celebrations continued as Sukkot ended and Simchat Torah began.  The children spent more time in the Sukkah.  Thank you to Morah Tzvia for inviting the 3’s class and Pre-K into the Sukkah at her house.  What a special treat to spend the morning at her house.  The children came back excited and told me all about their field trip, playing in the yard and meeting Morah Tzvia’s animals.  A big thank you to all the parents who were able to drive; Ron, Iris, Shira, Moran, Audrey, and Heather we appreciate you!

Simchat Torah was a focus this week. Rabbi Lavinsky invited our 3’s and Pre-K into the chapel to take out the Torah.  We learned about who writes the Torah, what the different items are called that make up the dress of the Torah, and we sang the Torah song that we all know and love.  This reminds us of how we received the Torah.  On Friday we will have a special morning celebrating Simchat Torah together.  The children will march around the synagogue with their flags and then have special programming with me or Tamar.  Tamar runs the PJ Library and has a special program for the 3’s and Pre-K.

Thank you to Miss Shelly for spending two weeks in our Pre-K classrooms the children had a great time with you.  We are looking forward to seeing Morah Nora, we missed her!

  As the hot summer fades away and the beautiful autumn time approaches children start to get sick. Watch for early signs of illness and please keep your child home if he or she is sick. A day at home with mom or dad can speed up recovery as well as reduce the chance for a rebound infection. If you bring your child to school before fully recovered, he or she may be more susceptible to other illnesses. You don’t want that dreaded phone call at 11:00 when the Tylenol has worn off and your child is not feeling well.

Save yourself the hassle and keep them home when they are sick.

If your child gets sick at school, we will notify you at once and expect you or your designated emergency contact to pick up your child as quickly as possible. Your child will be sent home with a temperature of 99 degrees or above.


v Scholastic Book Orders are due on October 24th.

v We are starting a cookie dough fundraiser with Beth El Talmud Torah.

v Join us at 6:15 on Thursday evening for Hakafot.  Please have the children bring their flags and stuffed Torahs.  Ice cream sundaes will be served as a special Simchat Torah treat!

v We are looking for raffle prizes for our Havdala Movie night in November.  If you need an official letter, please let me know.

Shabbat Shalom,



Just a reminder that my door is always open to you so come by and say hello!